Our Team


Founder & Host

Andy is the co-host of the Vancouver Real podcast. No matter which realm he’s playing in, he strives to be the best man he can possibly be, bringing his greatest efforts forth to family, friends, and community. Andy has a fascination for learning and a deep passion for personal growth through books, courses, public speaking, podcasts, floating therapy, and the like. He believes that growth is infinite; the journey is about conscious exploration, living fully and aspiring towards excellence. Andy is living his vision helping to facilitate the expansion of human consciousness worldwide. He encourages this through floating as well as through the podcast, providing a platform for others to showcase their vision. His interests include traveling, fitness, martial arts, yoga, music, art, hiking, scuba diving, and of course, having stimulating conversations. His precious daughter, Ella Faith, is truly a gift and continues to be an inspiration and strength in his life.


Founder & Host

Mike grew up in Mississauga, ON before initially moving West to attend UBC to complete a Masters degree in Human Kinetics. After travelling the world on a solo-backpacking trip he started working briefly as a professional strength and conditioning coach in the CFL before the small business bug bit him. Mike joined the family business where he works and collaborates with his brother, Andy. Mike splits his time between the family business and their new entrepreneurial ventures: the Float House and the Vancouver Real Podcast. It is here where his interest in the science of the human condition really comes through. If you are looking to have an in-depth conversation about brain science, meditation or plant-based medicine, Mike is your guy.


Community Manager

Candice is the manager and organizer for the Vancouver Real Community. She is passionate about bringing people together, and plans the monthly workshops. With a background in education and marketing and an interest in philosophy and entrepreneurship, she is currently studying for her MBA. She was born and raised in London, UK and in early 2001, she embarked on a tour of North America and immediately fell in love with Vancouver. Four years later, Candice arrived with nothing but a visa and a suitcase, she was ready to call Vancouver home.

Candice is a strict vegetarian and adores her dog Spud. In recent years, she has been on a journey of self-discovery and personal development and spends her down time doing yoga, meditating, reading, dance, travel and socializing. Her vision for the future is to build a physical academy that encompasses all her passions.


Community Coordinator

A Vancouver native, Sean grew up on the North Shore and like so many Vancouverites has a love for British Columbia’s natural beauty and for the range of lifestyle it affords. Sean has always had a passion for health and wellness and strives to live a balanced life. While working as an engineer and then as an investment advisor he began to explore more in this way. What began as a series of personal experiments in sleep, nutrition, exercise and meditation - for the purposes of increasing productivity - led to a major shift in passion and purpose. Following this path, Sean’s interests brought him to China where he trained in Shaolin Kung Fu. China represented an opportunity to focus intensely on personal growth in mind, body and spirit. Returning to Vancouver with a renewed sense of self and purpose, Sean joined the Vancouver Real team as our Community Coordinator where he is focused on sourcing out holistic and integrated events/workshops for the community. He believes that life is lived through experience and that it is through stepping outside our comfort zones that we truly learn and grow.


Video Production

Omid is a musician, audio engineer, video editor and Visual Effects/Motion Graphics Artist. He has been living in Burnaby, BC for the past 4 years and does contract work (mostly motion graphics and audio related) for a living. Aside from his professional work, Omid has been developing his YouTube channel, Omega Point, for about a year now. The channel contains eye-opening and thought-provoking videos based on the works of great minds such as Alan Watts, Terence McKenna, Robert Anton Wilson and Ram Dass. The Omega Point channel has about a million views and over sixteen thousand subscribers. Omid’s plan is to continue producing more and better material to spread awareness and inspiration.



Carlos was born in Peru, grew up in the US, and now lives in Vancouver after pursuing career and personal opportunities up north.

He wears many hats, including physician and therapist, husband and father, mentor, and lifelong student of personal growth.

When he's not with his family or immersed in career endeavours, he dedicates his time to community projects, including Vancouver Real.